Marble Bathroom Countertops Offer Luxury and Practicality!

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Marble: Defining Luxury and Style
When designing a bathroom, selecting marble as a medium for the floors and countertops will not only exude luxury, but offer practical value. Unlike the kitchen countertop that takes a regular beating from knives, hot pans and food preparation, the bathroom counter is less about function and more about beauty and design. The bathroom countertop of course still requires functionality from the stone. However, the use of more malleable and softer materials in its design are allowed as durability is not a priority.. Marble is a strong and beautiful stone that symbolizes refined taste and tradition, and is used often in bathroom design.
From Ancient to Modern Times
Marble was quarried by Greeks and Romans in ancient times to build columns, floors and counters. In fact, the word marble finds its roots in the Greek word "marmaron”, which means to sparkle, flash or gleam. With interlocking carbonate crystals making up the composition of the rock, this is not surprising. There are many different types of marble one can select from to match colour and design for any room in the house. Given its natural resistance to fire and erosion, using marble for flooring and for countertops in modern uses is the most practical. However, marble is a very porous rock and is not recommended as much for use in high-traffic areas such as commonly used hallways or kitchen countertops. While many do use marble for kitchen counters, the bathroom is a perfect place to showcase the benefits of this fine material. Traffic areas are lower and countertops do not require as much resiliency as it does in the kitchen. When taken care of properly, this rock surely will offer that sparkle and shine that is sure to impress guests!
Choosing the Right Cut
Selecting the right type of marble for a bathroom countertop will depend on design needs, how the marble is cut and how rare the design is. Designs with more complicated cuts will be more costly, as with any type of building material. For example, a counter top that will host two sinks versus one will require more cutting work for the basin and the faucets. This will increase the cost associated with the counter top design. The shape of the countertop will also be a factor, if there are many corners, this will require more cuts.
There are two different types of countertops one can choose from. The first is installing one piece of marble slab for the surface of the counter. While the most expensive choice, this selection will also be the most durable and will often last the lifetime of the home. The second is to install marble tiles. These can be susceptible to damage if enough stress is placed upon the tiles as they can crack. In the long run, it can be much more expensive to repair these tiles, and therefore is suggested to invest in the full marble slab. Experts who specialize in installing marble will be able to work with homeowners and ensure their dream bathroom is constructed with the best marble for the job. Use proper cleaning products on marble countertops that are meant to care and highlight the unique crystal striations locked within the rock, and homeowners are sure to feel the benefit of their marble investment for years to come.